It’s been a busy day for me today. It started very early.

I got invited to meet with fellow ministers and members of our State Government at the Texas Pastors day at the capital.

It was a great event. Many Pastors from different cultures, different backgrounds, different denominations, all meeting with one another, encouraging each other, praying for each other, and then hearing from many in our State Government who happen to be believers too.

I really liked what State Attorney General Gregg Abbott had to say about when someone wanted try to influence him to compromise his faith by allowing something of a non-biblical nature.

He said, “Not on my watch!”

This is a dangerous thing, but it got me thinking.

We have our own flesh (sinful nature), the world, and Satan trying to influence us to compromise some area of our lives so that they can have a foothold.

May all of us have the same type stubborness as our State Attorney General.

Let’s stand and proclaim against the powers of Darkness, “Not on our watch!”