1 Samuel 3:3 (HCSB) – Before the lamp of God had gone out, Samuel was lying down in the tabernacle of the Lord where the ark of God was located.

This is a very short verse in this story, before the Lord begins to speak to Samuel. As I was reading this passage this morning I noticed a few things that I’ve never seen before.

1. Samuel wasn’t lying in his bed, but in the tabernacle, in all likelyhood right in front of the curtain that separated the holy place from the most holy place.

I always thought that Samuel was just lying in his bed when the Lord began speaking too him. But notice he wasn’t, now Eli was in his bed in his own room, but Samule was lying on the floor in the holy place.

2. Samuel put himself in a position to hear the word of the Lord for the first time.

I can imagine that Samuel loved the worship of the Lord in the tabernacle. I can just see him not pull himself away, but literally just lying down in the floor right there in the tabernacle itself. Was Samuel waiting to receive something from God – I honestly don’t know. But he did put himself in a position to hear from God.

3. We need to put ourselves in a position to hear from God as well.

Let me make this clear, God wants to speak to each of us. He will do it through His word. But we can just get to busy either doing things for family, jobs, or even God Himself that we fail to hear from God.

Notice that Samuel was lying down, or resting before Him. We must do the same. Just rest in His presence. Just declare to Him that you just want to sit in His presence, not agenda, just to rest in Him. Who knows, He just might speak to you. His word may become more alive to you as you study.

Get in position to hear from God just like Samuel did.