Today, I have been praying about some issues.

I really received a peace about things, and just knew that God wanted me to go a certain direction concerning what I was praying for.

Well, when I did, things didn’t turn out like I expected. All the peace I had that morning, just faded away to a very stressful time, and yet I really knew that I was obedient to what I felt God telling me.

Sometimes our prayers don’t always turn out the way we expected, yet God should be praised anyhow.

I was reading a blog that is one of my favorites. It is entitled heat and light. Today’s blog was sweet and too the point and ministered to me to remind me of it’s truth.

Here is the short quote.

“We should always praise God for the outcome – no matter what it be – of God’s response to believing prayer, whether His response be what we desired, it’s opposite, or something else entirely.”

What a wonderful truth. Steven Curtis Chapman said it well in one of his songs, “God is God and I am not.”

He is in control, even when our world seems out of control. Praise Him for His Sovereign rule over our lives.