I just perchased the new study bible that was released this week, the ESV study Bible.

I love the English Standard Version. It is one of my favorites, so I was really looking forward to this study bible.

Well so far it hasn’t disappointed me at all. Some very good textual notes, plus all the articles. I’m a nerd I suppose and I will read every article in the book.

I’m really looking foward too the online version of this. I will start using it in my morning devotional time. I listen to it being read at the same time that I read the bible for my devotions, and the new online version of the ESVSB has the recorded reading on it.

One thing though, it is huge! It would be hard to drag around to church, so I’d just suggest reading it at home for devotionals, which is my plan anyway. It would be too bulky to take up to the platform with me to preach.

I would highly recommend it.