Here are a couple of things just for fun.

First a picture.

Where I found this picture was a Christian website. Under the comments one person wrote, “Quick, get me a drink!

This other is a joke I read online this morning.

A man accompanied his friend home for dinner and was impressed by the way he entered his house, asked his wife how her day went, and told her she looked pretty. Then, after they embraced, she served dinner. After they ate, the husband complimented his wife on the meal and thanked her for it. When the two fellows were alone, the visitor asked, “Why do you treat your wife so well?”

“Because she deserves it, and it makes our marriage happier,” replied the host.

Impressed, the visitor decided to adopt the idea. Arriving home, he embraced his wife and said, “You look wonderful!” For good measure he added, “Sweetheart, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

His wife burst into tears. Bewildered, he asked her, “What in the world’s the matter?”

She wept, “What a day! Billy fought at school. The refrigerator quit and spoiled the groceries. And now you’ve come home drunk!”

—Robert Leslie Holmes, God’s Man (Kregel, 1998)