I’m very critical when it comes to my sermons. Sometimes I wish I could just preach the “happy clappy, your best life now,” type sermons. But I know that is not what God has called me to preach. He has called me to preach the gospel to the best of my ability and as forceful, yet loving as possible.

To be honest, I fall short of this task every Sunday, I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to that. I listened to this Sunday’s sermon, and while there were a few things I could have left out, I do feel quite honestly that the Gospel was preached, even if a few got upset.

People don’t know that I woke up about 12:30 Sunday morning praying, so I went to the living room and spent most of the evening in prayer for the service and the message.

I don’t like conflict, nor do I like to cause problems, and it hurts when people will get up and walk out on you and at the same time raise a stick about it to others. That’s okay, though, I will turn the other cheek.

I was feeling down about it, and went to Sermonindex on Youtube to just find some inspiration. I found a sermon by David Wilkerson that went along the lines of my last Sunday’s sermon. He did a much better job and exegeting the text than I did. It was encouraging though to see someone preaching the same thing around the same time as I was. He even had someone disrupting his sermon in the first clip.

Here is the sermon and all it’s clips.