We are beginning a marriage campaign at our church. Right before the campaign starts this Sunday, we have showed the movie “Fireproof” 4 times (once in Spanish and three times in English).

We had between 140-145 visitors to watch the movie. For a small town, that is fantastic.

They ranged from the non-churched, the churched, another Pastor, divorced, separated, and those who feel their marriage is fine.

People were touched by the movie and it generated a lot of buzz.

It releases next week at Walmart, and I’m sure their sales will be up after many watching the movie 🙂 .

It is my prayer that God would touch peoples hearts and save marriages.

If one marriage that was headed for hurt or divorce is saved, then all these longs nights and preparation was worth it.

Many thanks goes to the congregation of Faith United Church. They helped with childcare, popcorn and drinks, cleaning up, and just being friendly. What a good job and a great bunch of people you guys are. May the Lord’s blessings always about toward each person sacrificing.