I get the email version of David Wilkerson’s “Timesquare Pulpit series” each month.

It is always introduced by a short letter from him, and sometimes, the letter is just as powerful and the sermon that I’ve read. Such is the case for this month.

I’m going to post what he wrote in the introductory letter from this month’s written sermon.

It is my prayer that it might be a blessing to whomever reads it.


Satan’s great work against God’s people is discouragement.
Within moments of enjoying a spiritual victory, every
believer becomes a target for the powers of hell. The devil
attacks us with lies about our marriage, our friendships,
our calling. He replays in our minds every sin, failure and
foolish thing we’ve ever done. By the time he’s finished
we’re crying, “Lord, I’ll never make it!”

David was brought so low by a demonic spirit that he was
dumbfounded in God’s presence. “I, as a deaf man, heard
not; and I was as a dumb man that openeth not his mouth.
Thus I was as a man…in whose mouth are no reproofs” (Psalm
38:13-14). This last phrase means “a man who has no
arguments left.” David was saying, “Lord, I’m too
discouraged to even lift my hand. I can’t pray because I’m
too confused to speak. My spirit is drained and empty. I
have nothing to say.”

I tell you, David’s trial was not unique. I have read many
biographies of devout men and women whom the Lord used
mightily, and every one of these people struggled through
the same kind of crippling discouragement. David voiced the
universal cry of the righteous soul that endures an attack
of discouragement: “I am ready to halt [fall], and my
sorrow is continually before me” (38:17). David was saying,
“Lord, I’m not going to make it. I’m at my absolute end,
about to fall.”

If you’re enduring an attack from a demonic spirit of
discouragement, I suggest you do three things: (1) Do not
try to maneuver your way out of your trial. The battle is
far beyond your human skill or power to wage. (2) When the
attack comes don’t think it is unusual. God allows this
kind of fiery testing with all his saints. (3) Go to
prayer, giving the Holy Spirit time to do his work. When
you’re under discouragement you won’t feel like praying.
But you still must go to your secret place to be in Jesus’
presence. It is the Spirit’s job to lift you out of your

In such low times the Lord is very patient with us. He
knows our condition and he sympathizes with us. If you
don’t have the strength to speak, reach out to him in your
spirit, and trust the Spirit to do his work in you. Say in
your heart, “Lord, I know your Spirit abides in me. I know
you have sent him to comfort me, strengthen me and reveal
the mind of Christ to me. Holy Spirit, I turn to you now in
simple faith. Speak to my heart your words of comfort. I
have no strength left; you have to lift me up and lead me.”

Dare to believe he will speak to you. You’re not going to
faint. Indeed, you’ll come out of your trial more
victorious because your faith will have been tested and
tried as gold. Watch and see the Lord fulfill every promise
he has made to you.

God bless you. Your support of our mission outreaches in
many nations is so appreciated. For information on these
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In Christ,


DW:bbm 2-9-09