Well, today is Calvin’s 500th birthday. I’m not sure really what to do. I’ve only been reformed in my faith for the last couple of years or so, and (gasp!!) I haven’t even read Calvin’s institutes (though I have read his commentary on John).

I didn’t come to the reformed way of thinking through Calvin, but actually through Scripture. What caused me to change my view was I was preaching through the book of John (I still am on Wednesday evenings) and when I got to John 6:44, I could not answer the text from my Armenian/Pentecostal theology, especially looking at the Greek text. Thats what got me into looking into things and finally 2 years ago or so embracing the Reformed faith (though I still a Pentecostal/Charismatic).

I have and am reading a couple of books on the subject. I’ve read Sproul’s “Introduction to Reformed Theology”, and I’m currently reading Grudem’s “Bible Doctrines.”

So I’m not really too sure if I should be celebrating or not. I mean hear me out, Calvin was a great theologian, but he was just a man, he didn’t die for my sin, and neither was he the author of Scripture. So I guess I can honor him for his legacy and his teachings, but to celebrate his birthday after he has been dead for a long, long time now….I think not!

Now tomorrow, is a reason for me to celebrate, or I will get in trouble. You see, tomorrow is my anniversary. So I will do my celebration then.

But I will say a prayer of thanksgiving for what God has Sovereignly done through the ministry of John Calvin. His ministry is still touching lives after all these years.