I found this posted online on one of blogs I read, it is a sermon from John MacArthur and it concerns the TNIV. Here is the quote.

There’s a fourth attack that I would just mention to you, just to give you some idea of the landscape…the attack that comes from the culture. From the critics, from the cults, from the Charismatics, from the culture. We live in a day when culture is telling the church what the Bible will be allowed to say. A great illustration of this is the publication of the TNIV, Zondervan Publishing Company produces a Bible called the TNIV, the TNIV is distinguished by its deference to the Feminist Movement. It has altered the Word of God, changed the Word of God to make it compatible to the contemporary Feminist Egalitarian Movement and that is not the only one that has done that, there are others that have done it as well.

Let me first say that I really appreciate the ministry of John MacArthur and his love for expository preaching and the Word of God. Many of his books, sermons, and commentaries have blessed me greatly.

But I would have to disagree with Mr. MacArthur here. While I’m not the exegete he is, I endeavor to do my best. But I believe he is way off base here.

First of all, I’m a Charismatic. I know there are a lot of false teachings within the Charismatic, Pentecostal circles, but he is painting all Charismatics with a broad brush. You see, I’m also reformed as well. The reformed belief system is fairly new too me, but I have changed to a reformed position because of Scripture, plus many, including Mr. MacArthur were a help in me seeing this truth. So while I do respect him, I don’t appreciate the broad brush he paints all Charismatics with.

I also am one who has changed philosphy of translations. I used to be a strong, strong supporter for the ESV, which many reformed people are. And I used too not really recommend the TNIV. But the more I studied from the TNIV text and compared it with other conservative translations, plus looking into the Greek and Hebrew, I found it to be a very accurate translation, and it some cases much more accurate than the ESV and dare I say the NASB (gasp!!) in some places.

In fact, I preach almost exclusively from the TNIV now, and the people seem to respond to the message delivered from this translation.

So, while I respect the ministry of John MacArthur, I have to disagree with him here pretty strongly.