I’ve started a new category in this blog, one for Charles Spurgeon.  I love Spurgeon’s writings and sermons.  Man, the guy had depth.  I’m currently listening to one of his sermons online that someone recording as they read.  It was his first sermon he preached at Metropolitan Tabernacle.  He is deeper in this one sermon, that I’ve been in all my sermons I’ve ever preached all together.  Dad loved Spurgeon too.  When Dad passed on, I got what I feel was the most treasured possession he owned – all of Charles Spurgeon’s sermons.

I decided that I will post some of Spurgeon’s stuff here in the blog.  Some from his devotionals (Faith’s Checkbook, Morning and evenings), some from his writings, and some from his sermons.

The Bible text for his writing will primarily be from the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Holy Bible.  Here is the today’s reading from his Faith’s Checkbook devotional.

Follow to Know

Hosea 6:3 ESV – Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD.

Not all at once, but by degrees shall we attain to holy knowledge, and our business is to persevere and learn by little and little. We need not despair, though our progress may be slow, for we shall yet know. The Lord, who has become our Teacher, will not give us up, however slow of understanding we may be; for it is not for His honor that any degree of human folly should baffle His skill. The Lord delights to make the simple wise.

Our duty is to keep to our main topic and follow on to know, not this peculiar doctrine nor that, but Jehovah Himself. To know Father, Son, and Spirit, the Triune God, this is life eternal. let us keep to this, for in this way we shall gain complete instruction. By following on to know the Lord, we learn healing after being torn, binding up after smiting, and life after death. Experience has its perfect work when the heart follows the trackway of the almighty Lord.

My soul, keep thou close to Jesus, follow on to know God in Jesus, and so shalt thou come to the knowledge of Christ, which is the most excellent of all the sciences. The Holy Ghost will lead thee into all truth. Is not this His gracious oR’ice? Rely upon Him to fulfill it.