Here is a link to a short interview with Douglas Moo, Chairman of the Commitee on Bible Translation.

I will say that I do feel better after reading the interview.  Though I went ahead and switched primary translations (TNIV to ESV); I’m hopeful toward 2011 NIV and will look into it and investigate it further in their translation process.

I have to say that I do like Mr. Moo’s attitude, which I will quote here:

All of us on CBT are deeply aware of the significance of what we are doing. It is no exaggeration to say that we regard our translation work as a sacred trust. We want to “get it right”: to make the best decisions about how to reflect the Word of God in modern English so that the greatest number of English-speakers around the world will be able to read, understand, and respond to the Bible. Pray that God gives us the wisdom to do that.

They and their work are in my prayers.