Well, for those who has watched the news, there is a Pastor from Arizona, that Pastor’s the church: Faithful Word Baptist Church.  He has been getting a lot of attention.   He is the one who in a sermon was saying how he hated our President, and how God hated him and that he was praying that God would give Obama cancer so that he would die like Ted Kennedy.

Not Christlike at all!!  He is not a true preacher, but a man filled with hate, filled with His own sin and is in desperate need of Christ to save him.

Well, now he posted another video were they are burning NIV bibles.  To me, this is a very scary thing.

Dr. James White just posted a video concerning this were he addresses their reasonings for doing it.  I’d thought I would post the video here, because he addresses the issues every well, better than I ever could.

May God have mercy on this so-called pastor and this so-called church.