To be honest, I’ve been struggling with this issue, wanting to believe the right thing, and not have my mind made up by either side – Republicans/Conservatives or Democrats/Liberals.  For those who don’t know, while I’m not a Republican, I am a conservative.  I didn’t vote for our President, and think some of the things he has done is wrong for our country, plus I do believe he is a socialist at the very least, and though I disagree with socialism, I don’t believe that disqualifies him from his office.

These appointments of these Czar’s are unconstitutional, and I do not understand why the congress and the people are not rising up against this, instead of the foolish stuff like whether he is  the anti-christ or not, or whether he was born here or another country.  Let’s get behind what we know he is doing wrong, and leave the other stuff to what it is, hearsay not worthy of our attention.  After saying this, I’m not planning on voting for him the next time either.  Not the man I want, but he is my President, so I respect him because he has been lawfully elected, and biblically, I pray for him as well.

Anyhow, I thought, Am I the only conservative out there who thinks that the President has every right to speak to our children, after all, he is the president.  I also believe that I have the right either to allow my children to watch it, or to allow them their own choice; and no one – no matter the party or otherwise – cannot take those rights and beliefs away.

So I was thinking, I must be the only Christian conservative who really doesn’t mind it being the President’s right to speak to our children, because he is the elected president.  I’ve seen people all through the media saying it is a matter of trust.  But sorry, trust is not the issue.  You see, I do not trust the president.  I also don’t trust the congress, any of the news media, radio personalities –  be they conservative or liberal – or both parties.  None of them.  And while I’m at it, I don’t trust myself either, so it is not a matter of trust – it is a matter respect for the office, and he has every right to speak to the children.  President Reagan (who I believe was greatest president of our time, maybe my personal opinion, but loved the guy) spoke to the children during school in a very similar fashion, and I don’t remember there being an uproar.  Now I would be upset if this speech is going to be  some political statement, but we have been assured that it is not, so I will see after the speech is over if that is true or not before I jump up and rail.

There is another Christian conservative out there who voices a dissenting opinion; he hopes his child hears the President speak – that is John Piper.  Now John Piper is one of the preachers that I respect highly.  I love to read his stuff and hear him preach.  He preaches the Word and doesn’t allow parties or denominations dictate what he should say.  Gotta say I respect that.

Here is a short article of what he wrote.  I will let him end this blog post, since he is so eloquent, and I’m not.  I agree with this prayer he prays in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am stunned at the outcry against the President of the United States speaking to the youth of this nation about the importance of education.

I am embarrassed by the governor of my home state saying, that the president’s plan to address them is “disruptive . . . uninvited . . . and number three . . . I don’t think he needs to force it upon the nation’s school children.”

This speech seems, for me, to be an answer to a prayer that I have prayed for the president repeatedly.

Father, the condition of our schools and families is so broken that nothing seems to be working, especially for the poor in our urban centers. Help our president to have the courage to use his amazing place of influence to speak into this situation in such a way that boys and girls would take their studies seriously and put school above sport and homework above hiphop and graduation above gangs.

O, Lord, create a culture where it is not cool to fail. Give our President the courage to call all children, especially ones who feel hopeless about academic work, to fight for knowledge the way gangs fight for turf.

And as the President plans his speech, help him to feel as helpless as he really is to meet the greatest needs of the children, so that he turns to Jesus who alone has the answer for the ruin and the wrongs of our cities. In Jesus’ name, Amen.