I’m sure curious concerning all the people who might “accidently” come up upon my blog; how many of you get weary in well doing?  Especially those who are pastoring or are actively involved in ministry: be it full-time, part-time or volunteer basis.

Right now, that is where I am.  I’m finding it real hard to encourage myself in the Lord these days.  I don’t neglect His Word (haven’t missed a day in reading it in several years now); I’m sure my prayer time could be better, but I spend time in prayer everyday.  But sometimes it is just everything hits at once.  I wonder if people realize the stress and strain that a Pastor can be under, especially in studying and preparing to deliver God’s Word.

Currently, I have no day off.  I’ve had to take a pay cut because of the economy and lack of finances, so I have a part time job as well.  While I’m off from the church on Friday’s…and off the weekends from the part-time job, I’m at the church on Weekends, plus both places Monday through Thursday.

I also have a son who is a Senior and preparing for college next year, and that is a strain on me; plus quite honestly some apathetic people within the church.  Not all, most are wonderful people and so good to lift me up in prayer.  But some hardly come, but want you at their beck and call when they need you are get upset if you don’t call, visit, or even aren’t  able to answer your cell phone because you are at your part time job.

Not sure what the answer is, I could take a week off from the church, but I still would have to work at the part time job because of our finances.  I’m tired, weak, hurt, and confused.

On the good side though…God is aware and Sovereign!  I have to find my strength and courage in that truth.