I’m currently reading John MacArthur’s book, “Twelve Ordinary Men.”  Here is something that really got me thinking from the book.

“When Jesus chose the Twelve to be His official representatives – preachers of the gospel who would carry both His message and His authority –  He didn’t choose a single rabbi.  He didn’t choose a scribe.  He didn’t choose a Pharisee.  He didn’t choose a Sadducee.  He didn’t choose a priest.  Not one of the men He chose came from the religious establishment.  The choosing of the twelve apostles was a  judgment against institutionalized Judaism.  It was a renunciation of those men and their organizations, which had become totally corrupt.  That is why the Lord didn’t choose one recognized religious leader.  He chose instead men who were not theologically trained – fishermen, a tax collector, and other common men.”  (Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur, Thomas Nelson Publishers, pages 8-9).