Well, this is my first review.  It’s not going to be exactly professional, since I don’t really know what I’m doing so much, but since I do like to read, I’d thought I’d review some books that I just finished or have read in the past.

For my first review, I chose a book I just finished reading – Slave by John MacArthur.  It is published by Thomas Nelson publishers.

MacArthur always seems to stir controversy in his writings and sermons.  Sometimes it is people taking out of context words that he uses.  Case in point, his use of the word “conspiracy” within the book.  He talks about how the Greek word doulos is translated as “servant” in the KJV, and the Geneva Bible, and many of the modern translations.  But in reality, it should be translated as “slave”.    When he uses the word “conspiracy” he is not talking about some evil plan by Bible translators, but an unfortunate fact that our culture misunderstands the New Testament, Greco-Roman understanding of slavery.  We have in our past the horrible history of slavery and slave-trade.  This is not the New Testament understanding of the word.  So doulos becomes “servant” as opposed to “slave”.

This is not the first time I’ve heard this argument.  I’ve had a Nigerian minister tell me the same thing, many years ago.  It was odd to hear the argument for “slave” as opposed to “servant” come from a black man, but I also had a misunderstanding of the word as well.

MacArthur buttresses his case well within the book, not only using the Scriptures and appealing to the original languages, but in the appendix he also quotes from several Christians throughout church history.

I really enjoyed the book and it kept my attention, and even had me meditating on some of what he wrote after I finished reading it.

I highly recommend the book.