I’ve really been interested lately in reading some “dead guy” stuff.  Biographies about some of the great heroes of the faith, and some books written by those heroes.

This is one such hero.  John Hus was a man who loved His Savior more than life itself.  This book opens up the trials that he endured by the Roman Catholic Church.  There was so much injustice done to him, but he trusted in His Savior, and even in martyrdom, and after all these centuries later, his story speaks volumes.  It is a story that the 21st century church needs to listen too and heed today: It is better to lose our life for the sake of Christ, than to live lukewarm lives under the pretense of being “In Christ” but only serving our fallen nature.

This book is short, sweet and to the point.  It is a very easy read, and makes you appreciate those who have taken up their cross to follow after Jesus.  It is my prayer that God would raise up more people like John Hus, who’d rather be a “cooked goose” for Christ’s sake than to compromise the Gospel of our Lord.