Part of the things that us preachers have to do is not only to preach, but also study and prepare the sermon.

I was thinking about that this evening, and I’ve come up with a sermon guide that I believe can help in both the preparation and the delivery of the sermon.

Sermon guide:

  • Biblical – Should be based on the context of the Scriptures, not our life events.
  • Doctrinal – Our job as preachers is to preach sound doctrine, not to avoid it as so many preachers do.
  • Christological – Not sure I spelled that word right.  No matter what the text we are preaching from, is it Christ focused and giving Him glory?
  • Practical – This is often over focused in many churches, and some of us don’t focus on it enough.  But after we’ve done the other three, how are we going to present it to the body of Christ we’ve preached too, so that they may understand and either submit to it’s teaching or apply it to their lives?